What to Pack for an All Inclusive Vacation with Kids

We have been on a TON of all inclusive vacations.  Our first all inclusive together was a with my family when we had been dating for all of six months (gulp!).  We now go on an annual trip in November to an all inclusive resort and having the kids has not changed that.  What has changed is how we pack for our trip.  We have learned a lot about what to pack for an all inclusive vacation.

The first couple years that we brought the kids along we also filled our luggage with the snorkeling equipment and lots of novels to read.  Yeah like we had time for either of those things!

Now we fill our luggage with toys and activities for the kids. So what is in our luggage you ask …


Packing List for All Inclusive

  1. Swim gear
  2. Hats & Sunglasses
  3. Puddle jumpers
  4. Medicine kit
  5. Sandals/ Crocs (for the kids)
  6. Bubba Mugs & plastic coffee mugs
  7. Ipad/iphones/chargers/ear phones
  8. Stroller
  9. Diapers/swim diapers/wipes
  10. Sand toys/ beach balls/ pool float thingy
  11. Kids books/ colouring books/ activities
  12. eReaders
  13. Sippy cups/ kids plates/bowl + dish soap
  14. Clothes
  15. Laundry bag

I don’t like to travel with too much stuff so everything needs to fit into 2 large suitcases for the 4 of us.  And our carry-on is just one backpack.

The great part about being a savvy packer is that you don’t stress at the airport about how heavy your bags are.

One trick that we did learn was that there is lots of space in our stroller travel bag even once the stroller is inside.  We were always able to put our diapers in there to free up space in our luggage!  Coats are also good to fit into this empty space.

Anything that you pack that you think we are missing out on?  Please leave us a comment about what you pack in your luggage that we are missing out on having with us.


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