The Ultimate Wagon for Kids

For shorter journeys with kids, we often use our wagon to transport our kids. Nearly every time,  someone asks us where they can get our wagon.  If you are planning to buy a wagon for your kids, this is the ultimate wagon and only one you will ever need for the following reasons:

The ultimate wagon for kids

  1. Collapsible

    The most attractive feature of this wagon is the collapsible frame. Once collapsed, the wagon can easily fit into any size trunk.  It also doesn’t monopolize too much space at home.

  2. Sun Shade

    Protecting kids from the sun is never ending duty of summer. This wagon has an integrated sun shade that gives kids enough protection from the sun.  This feature makes it perfect for using it at the beach or the park. We often will put our kids in the wagon to get a break from the sun or even have a nap!

  3. Storage bin

    Let’s admit it, we never leave the house with just our kids.  We need a seemingly endless amount of ‘stuff’ to make any venture outdoors. A built-in storage bin expands out of the back helps carry your gear.  The bin is a good size, big enough to fit a knapsack.The ultimate wagon for kids

  4. Kids love it

    Sometimes convincing our kids to leave the house can be chore.  If we decide to take the wagon, our kids run out the door in excitement for their wagon ride.  Our daughter will even just sit in the wagon in the backyard, but that’s just her.

  5. Did I mention the cupholders?

    You can toss anything, including your kids, into this ultimate wagon, except for liquids. With two cupholders at the front to carry your drinks, the problem is solved!

The ultimate wagon for kids

The only problem with this wagon is that it is difficult to buy.  So far, we have only found it for sale on Amazon.  We’ve provided you with a link to a retailer on Amazon, but you may want to look around for other vendors on Amazon. Costco has also sold a version of this wagon, but it didn’t have the sunshade which makes this wagon stand apart from the others. The price should be around $150-$200.

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