Top 10 Tips for  Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium

In 2013, the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada opened its doors in Toronto at the base of the CN Tower and next to the Rogers Centre.  The aquarium boasts having 5.7 million litres of water and is over 135,000 square feet, making it the largest aquarium in Canada.

Top 10 Tips for Toronto's Ripley's Aquarium
For your trip to the aquarium, consider our top 10 tips to make the most of your visit:

  1. Research parking options. 

    Parking around the aquarium can be expensive. To find the best parking rates in the area, visit Toronto’s Best Parking website. You can put in the location and enter the time of your visit and it will provide you with the rates for all the parking lots in the area. They have a smartphone app that has saved us hundreds of dollars.  WARNING: if there is an event on at either the Rogers Centre or the Air Canada Centre, all bets are off as parking rates skyrocket to $20+.

  2. Go early or go late.

    Even after having been open for 3 years now, the aquarium is a busy place. 

  3. Buy your tickets in advance.

    At busy times, the lineup for tickets is LONG.  Don’t waste time standing in line.  Ripley’s has made it super easy to order tickets online.  You don’t even need to print your tickets as you can just show them on your smart phone at the entrance.

  4. Avoid ticket scams. 

    Only buy tickets from either the Ripley’s own website or buy a City Pass. Any other website claiming to sell tickets are fake and a scam.

  5. Bring your stroller.  

    The aquarium is 100% stroller-friendly. However, once the kids are big enough, we found they could see more and explore more when not in a stroller. 

  6. Know the washroom locations.

    They are located at the start and the half way point. We always like to start with a trip to the washroom so that we don’t have any bathroom interruptions.

  7. Sneak some snacks for the kids.

    No outside food is allowed in the aquarium, but lots of people brought lunch and snacks without any problems.  At the halfway point, there is small cafeteria with a dining area for those who do not pack food.

  8. Take a break with jelly fish. 

    The jelly fish are simply mesmerizing! Prepare to spend some time watching them!

  9. Visit the loo before you go. 

    At the end of your visit, you may want to visit the bathroom once more.  You will need to take a path to the left of the gift shop to get to the washrooms at the entrance. You will walk past signs telling you not to enter – relive your rebellious teenage years by ignoring them.

  10. Frisk your kids before leaving.

    Everyone must exit through the gift shop.  While it is a nice shop, there are loads of tiny little toys at a kid’s eye level.  Be prepared to reach for your wallet or use evasive measures to escape!Ripleys Aquarium Toronto

All in all, Ripley’s Aquarium is a worth a visit with your family.  Without a doubt, this is a destination people young and old will enjoy.  If you plan on visiting other Toronto attractions, consider buying a CityPass that offers admission to Toronto’s top attractions (and other perks) for one low price.

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