Top Reasons to Visit an All Inclusive Resort with Kids

Some adventurers may consider travelling to a resort cheating. As a parent, I don’t care. All inclusive resorts can offer tired parents a much needed break!

Top Reasons for All InclusiveTop reasons to visit an all inclusive resort with kids:

  1. No cooking!!  Some days we feel like short order cooks catering to our kids particular tastes/demands.
  2. 24-hour food service. Many resorts offer a round the clock menu, which is handy for kids with insatiable appetites.
  3. Kids clubs. While we have never taken advantage of this service, it offers a few precious hours without your kids. Often these kids clubs fill up early, so it’s good to put your name in early in the day.
  4. No cleaning. It’s amazing how quickly a room can turn into a disaster zone with four people, but it’s not our problem!  Good housekeeping service will also recognize that you have young kids and clean your room before nap time. If they don’t, a few pesos will help solve the problem.
  5. Waterparks.  We once stayed at the Grand Bahia Príncipe Coba which featured a kid’s waterpark. These are pure genius – they entertain and tire your kids at the same time!
  6. In-room alcohol.  Drinking on the balcony while your kids sleep is still parenting.
  7. Kid’s buffet. There is always something for your kids to eat with a seemingly unending choice of food. If they don’t like their dinner? Try something else!Top reasons to visit an all-inclusive resort with kids
  8. Room Service. While we are not big fans of room service, it was handy when we were waiting out a rain storm and our oldest was complaining he was hungry (again).

What are some of your top reasons?

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