Family Travels and Tribulations

Having children changes your life dramatically.

For some, it means not doing many of the things you enjoy. But contrary to what many people told us, it doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling.

There are many differences between travelling before children and travelling with children.

For example, staying at an all inclusive before children:

  • Sleep in
  • Have a nice relaxing breakfast
  • Lounging by the pool/beach all day
  • Reading lots of books
  • Hopping in the pool for a quick cool off at anytime
  • Have a nap before dinner reservations at 9 pm
  • Head to the show and maybe even the disco afterwards
  • Oh and lots and lots of beer and cocktails

Meanwhile, staying at an all inclusive resort with kids:

  • Up before the sun is shining
  • Arrive at breakfast at 7am when the buffet opens cause the kids MUST eat right away or they become monsters
  • Hauling bags of toys to entertain your kids by the pool. This is why we have strollers!
  • No lounging around reading anyway. Despite having bags of toys, you are the only suitable entertainment for your children
  • Without fail, there is always something forgotten in the room leading to multiple trips back
  • After a couple relaxing hours at the pool, it’s time for lunch!
  • Golden suntanning hours are spend in a dark hotel room sitting quietly during nap time
  • Waiting for buffet to open to be first in line for dinner
  • If you’re lucky staying up late enough to catch the kids show, otherwise bed time!

We have created this blog to share our experiences travelling with our two kids and offer some useful advice.

We hope you like it!

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