Essential Gear: The Toddler Travel Cot

Spending a night away with kids can be a challenge. Younger kids need their own place to sleep, but they don’t necessarily need their own bed. And sleeping with a toddler can be a disaster!  That is why we love the toddler travel cot.

Essential Gear: The toddler travel cot

Visiting the grandparents often involves cramming four of us into a tiny bedroom. Out of necessity, we bought a collapsible children’s cot which have been a lifesaver.

The cot we purchased is made by Regalo and is available in blue and pink.  It comes with a travel bag and a fitted sheet that makes cleaning it very easy.  The cot is very lightweight, but is sturdy enough to hold up to 75 lbs.  It measures 4 feet long by 26 inches wide, which is plenty of room for a toddler or preschooler, we have even had an eight year old sleep on the cot with no problems.

While no kid should ever stand on the cot, let’s be honest, they will when you’re not looking.  Luckily, we’ve found this cot won’t collapse or fold up when the kids stand on it. Jumping, on the other hand, may be another matter.

When the cot is collapsed, it is small enough to fit in medium-size luggage, still leaving room for clothes.  It may take up luggage space, but at least it is not a carry-on when travelling by plane.  The cot is easy to load into our car, especially compared to a pack and play.  We also like that we don’t need to much space in our house to store the cots.

toddler travel cot
This cot really comes in handy when camping as it easily fits in our tent along with our queen mattress and pack’n play.  More importantly, it keeps our kids up off the ground when sleeping.  In hotels, the cot perfectly fits beside the bed while our youngest sleeps in a hotel crib.

Most importantly, our son loves this cot and he finds it comfortable, which make the bedtime routine a breeze!

We purchased this cot from Amazon for around $30.  For that price, it is a deal given the added convenience.

Full Disclosure: We’ve provided links to the Regalo travel cot on Amazon, which pays us commission for any purchases. We were not paid to endorse this product, we are simply trying to cover our expenses for this website. 


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