Savvy Tips for Disney on Ice

A family excursion to a Disney on Ice show is a guaranteed source of entertainment for kids. Unfortunately, after having laid out cash for tickets, vendors at the show do their best to entice children to want flashy toys and cotton candy at exorbitant prices.  Paying $20 for a snow cone and $15 for cotton candy is a quick way to drain a wallet.  However, a little advance preparation can avoid this pitfall and still let your kids have just as good of a time at Disney on Ice.
Savvy Tips for Disney on Ice Toronto

1. Never pay full price

Every year, Disney on Ice comes to Toronto and other major cities across Canada, usually around Christmas and March break.  Several weeks in advance, discount websites, such as Travelzoo, offer discounted tickets to their shows.  By planning in advance and being flexible on your dates, you can save quite a lot of money, which adds up when you need to buy 4 or more tickets for the family.  Luckily, Disney on Ice offers plenty of showtimes, so finding a good time is not a problem.

2. Eat Before you Go

The first thing you smell when you walk into the arena is popcorn.  Walking into the arena with hungry kids is a costly mistake.  It will cost you loads of money, and the kids will be eating junk food.  Instead, feed the kids before leaving home or in the car on the way to the show.  We picked the kids up and gave them a sandwich on our way to the show.   We were still asked for popcorn but could just tell the kids that they just ate.

3. Bring Snacks

Another tactic to sidestep requests to buy food is to simply bring your own snacks. We found our kids actually preferred the snacks we brought from home.  Our kids ate goldfish throughout the first half of the show.  At intermission, we deflected requests for cotton candy by giving out lollipops.  It was a win for our wallets and our kids.

Also don’t forget to bring drinks!

4. Visit the Dollar Store

At the show, there are lots of shiny, flashy toys to buy for the kids.  Not wanting our kids to be left out of the fun, we went to the dollar store before the show and bought the kids glow sticks and glow necklaces.  The kids had a blast with their glow sticks and never asked for any of the flashy toys on sale.

The dollar store is also a good place to buy key accessories, such as tiaras and other memorabilia that are essential to any Disney on Ice show!

Disney on Ice

5. Bring Disney Toys

Walking into the Rogers Centre is like walking into a toy store at Christmas.  The mezzanine levels is packed with tables selling toys and dolls – at very exclusive prices ($$$)!   We packed a couple of Disney toys in our backpack so the kids already had their own Disney toys, leaving them to never even ask for a toy.


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