How to Attend the Honda Indy with Kids

Every summer, Toronto is host to the Honda Indy, which is held at the Exhibition Place in mid-July.  If you have young kids, you may not consider attending the Honda Indy, but with few tips, it may be a worthwhile adventure for your family.

Honda Indy

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Savvy Things to Do with Kids in Toronto on a Budget

Like all big cities, Toronto can be an expensive place to visit. When you need to pay admission for the whole family, costs can really add up fast.  We have compiled our list of fun things to do with kids in Toronto on a budget.  As an added bonus many of the things on this list are free!

Savvy Things to do with Kids in Toronto on a Budget

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 All the Top Toronto Attractions For One Low Price

Toronto is a big city with lots of fun and engaging activities across the city.  Paying admission to all the top attractions can really hurt the wallet – especially when you are paying for the whole family!  With our advice, you can visit some of  top Toronto attractions for discounted prices. At the end, we share how be a savvy travelers, save a ton of money seeing most of these attractions for one low price.

All the Top Toronto Attractions for one low price
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Savvy Tips for Disney on Ice

A family excursion to a Disney on Ice show is a guaranteed source of entertainment for kids. Unfortunately, after having laid out cash for tickets, vendors at the show do their best to entice children to want flashy toys and cotton candy at exorbitant prices.  Paying $20 for a snow cone and $15 for cotton candy is a quick way to drain a wallet.  However, a little advance preparation can avoid this pitfall and still let your kids have just as good of a time at Disney on Ice.
Savvy Tips for Disney on Ice Toronto
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Top Toronto Hotels for Families

A family vacation often involves staying in hotel accommodations.  Depending on the hotel, this can either be a pleasant or difficult experience.  Many hotels offer services and amenities catering to families to make their travel experience more enjoyable. If you are planning a visit to Toronto, we have compiled a list of the top Toronto hotels for families.

Top Toronto Hotels for Families: Our list of the top Toronto hotels for families that are close to all the top attractions and will make your visit enjoyable for the whole family.

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