Top Toronto Hotels for Families

A family vacation often involves staying in hotel accommodations.  Depending on the hotel, this can either be a pleasant or difficult experience.  Many hotels offer services and amenities catering to families to make their travel experience more enjoyable. If you are planning a visit to Toronto, we have compiled a list of the top Toronto hotels for families.

Top Toronto Hotels for Families: Our list of the top Toronto hotels for families that are close to all the top attractions and will make your visit enjoyable for the whole family.

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A Guide to the Markets in Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence is a market lover’s paradise. This town has an outdoor market for every day of the week. Many days there are more than one market open. These markets in Aix-en-Provence were the reason we decided to stay in Aix for our month long stay.   Every day we enjoyed venturing to all the different markets to buy fresh food for our lunch and evening meals.  A Guide to the Markets in Aix-en-Provence France

The old town of Aix is very walkable with all of the markets located within a few minutes of each other.  We would often start our day at the daily market and then continue on to each of the other markets with a stop at a café for a nice little rest and a treat.

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Top Features to Look for When Buying a Family Car

Before having kids, I adored my car.  It was a blue Honda Civic and I loved everything about it. I kept my car spotless inside and out and loved taking road trip adventures. Once we started our family, my precious Honda needed to be replaced with another car that was more practical for a life with kids. Based on my experience, I have learned some of the best features to look for buying a family car.

Top Family Car Features
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Savvy Victoria, BC Adventures with Kids

Any vacation to British Columbia would not be complete without a visit to the province’s capital city, Victoria.  Located on Vancouver Island, Victoria is a beautiful city with lots of fun activities for the entire family to enjoy.  These are some of our experiences from our past trip to Victoria.

Savvy Victoria British Columbia  Adventures with Kids

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Resort Review: Grand Bahia Principe Coba

Our first trip to Mexico was the Grand Bahia Principe Coba, located in the Mayan Rivera. This resort is part of the Grand Bahia Principe chain and is one of four resorts on a massive property.  This is our review of the resort when we visited with our 1.5 and 3.5 year old children in 2015.

Grand Bahia Principe Coba Resort Review

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